Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Meet my new sponsor!

One of my favourite online fabric shops!  CelticFusion fabrics

Owned and run by Gwen (an Irish lady!) she has the most beautiful selection of fabrics / textiles.  

Gwen's shop hosts a wonderful range of modern eclectic fabrics.

I have always found Gwen to be super helpful, whenever I need help with colours she will send me over photos of bundles till we have the right selection.

You can buy FQs etc but also cute little fabric bundles and "smallies", which is a lovely way of introducing yourself to new designers.


Echino Mini Cloth Stack
Aneela Hoey Moda Posy Bouquet
 You can find Gwen on Facebook, she is constantly updating her profile with new deliveries and beautiful photos of new fabric lines!

So next time you are on a fabric purchasing spree check out Gwen's range too!

x  Fi

Wednesday, 9 April 2014


Some of you who follow me elsewhere (Facebook / Instagram) will probably know that I am now properly working for myself. 

It was funny this morning when my son (who woke up with a head cold) asked me if I was going in to work, I replied don't worry I will call myself and say my son is unwell and call in sick!  We had a giggle.

I know they say laughter is so important and how true it is. 

For the last few weeks I have been an emotional wreck if I were being honest, in fact it probably goes back months what with a couple of undiagnosed health conditions (on a waiting list) I have been feeling very sorry and scared for myself.

I could start crying over the silliest thing.  My husband has been a great support, and yet I don't want to burden him and stress him out. 

Don't get me wrong working for myself has been like a dream come true, but man can it be lonely.  I would have considered myself very happy to be on my own, of course knowing that my kids and hubby will be home later in the day but you know what I mean, I love my garden it always needs work, love my "job", but recently I have missed not having another adult around in the morning.  I was so used to going into work and straight away catching up with my two besties, now .....

So my neighbour (and friend) came in for tea yesterday and we had a good chat.  Sure I was balling my eyes out on Monday with the neighbour across the road.  Not because I want "friends" and to be fussed over, but more because of I guess a feeling of lowness, it's hard to explain.   Could it be mild depression brought on by extreme stress and anxiety?  

I still managed to get a couple of finishes this week though.  Baby balls of course and a pram quilt and matching cushion for a christening. 

So today is so far a good day.  I have done a few chores and now I will settle down to make two baby balls for tomorrow.  

Hope you are well and have a good day!



Friday, 28 March 2014

Secret revealed!

Remember this blog post and how the quilt went missing and it was a surprise that I couldn't wait to share with you all?  (gasping for a breathe!)  Well the mini quilt turned up!

Alina from Just Too Cute Photography took this beautiful new born "like" new born baby(!) photo.  I so wish I had done this with my boys.  But this is what my mini quilt was for!

Image borrowed from Just Too Cute Photography on Facebook
So so happy it turned up and that it was part of beautiful memory for a family!

x Fi


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

A star

So I saw this beautiful star on Emma Jean's or Scrapbag's feed and I thought wow that is spectacular, and that's the BACK of the quilt.

So I thought I know I have some scrappy triangles from the Modern Irish Bee from last year I can make a scrappy star.  The scrappy triangles are a crazymom idea. 

So I laid a load of them out on my floor.

And I thought to myself, that is going to be gorgeous!  Next question was how to join them together.  Needless to say I made a pig's ear of it!  I realised looking at Emma Jean's picture a bit closer that I would have to join these triangles in rows, so I got unpicking and sewing.

I managed to get more than half way and then I lost my enthusiasm for it, because it's so fiddly and truth be told I am not sure if I am going the right way about this.  So I will take it out again later in the week and at least get all the rows sewn and then work out how to go from there.  I do know that I have to get the star into a square finish, that's the part I am dreading. 

But I am sure if I face it on a new day I will find my enthusiasm again!

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Tuesday, 11 March 2014

A beautiful morning!

Woke up to frost on the car roofs and a misty / foggy skyline.  Truly a beautiful crisp spring day.  I wasn't able to totally enjoy it as I had to go up to hospital for a investigative procedure but it all went well and all is good so PHEW!

Bremore Castle - waiting at the bus stop
Normally I have to do all the driving but because we took the bus (hubby doesn't drive... I know don't say anything!) I was able to properly enjoy the views...

Remember this exciting little mini quilt I was talking about last week?

Well the bloomin thing got lost in the post!  Can you believe it, of all the things to go missing, I was so disgusted.  So I had to run up another variation of it last night and sent it by reg post this time. 

Anyhow, going to take it easy after today's travels and hospital visit.

X Fi

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Something new and different

I will fill you in properly when the time comes but I got a request to make something slightly different to my normal quilts.
I small baby quilt measuring 15"x15".  Very cute, very easy.

But then the woman asked me if I could make it look like a rag quilt, so I hit the internet and googled raggy quilts and found a tutorial on how to make raggy binding.  The girl who wrote the blog recommended making the binding width 3.5", she said she didn't the first time and sort of regretted it, so I took her advice.  Needless to say I was in a sweat making this, not sure how it was going to turn out.  You have to run it through the washing machine so I was waiting on tenterhooks for it to come out of the wash and was happy with the result!

Once my customer uses it for her purposes fear not I will be sharing photos with you, but for the time being we will have to wait!
x Fi


Monday, 3 March 2014

The Modern Irish Scrappy Bee

Following on from yesterday's post I finished off the Cindy's spool blocks, this is going to be one spectacular quilt!

February's blocks

I Cannot recall if I shared with you January's blocks for Ruth so apologies if this is repetition but I thought I would show you them all together at any rate!

January's blocks
These were also lovely to make, a lot fiddlier (is that a word?) than the spools, and they didn't end up measuring exactly 12.5" so I was a bit annoyed about that.  I am always super careful with accurate cutting and yet.... but the end result "looks" great. 

So now to get my eldest off to a hosp appointment and take the makings of a baby ball with us, then once home get on with Sarah's March block which is a stunner!

A basket of happiness